Friday, June 28, 2013

Drumroll, Please...

The phone woke me out of a surprisingly peaceful sleep at 8:15 this morning. In most normal cases, I would've cursed loudly, hit the ignore button and resumed my slumber. But today wasn't a normal day. Seeing the word "Unknown" on the screen immediately sent a chill of fear up my spine and caused sweat to bead on my brow. I cleared my throat and attempted to make my voice sound as if I'd been awake for at least an hour.

"Hello?" I chirped cheerily.
"Hi. Suzanne?" Shit. It's Dr. L and not his nurse. When the doctor calls personally, you know it's bad news. "It's Dr. L." Yeah, I know who it is. Get on with it! Am I dying?? He continued, "So, I have the results of your MRI and it's just as I thought. Looks like you have an insufficiency fracture caused by radiation damage." 

I knew it! I'm dying! How long do I...wait...

"There's no cancer?" I asked, not ready to believe what I thought he'd just told me. "The report indicates that there is no reason to suspect metastatic disease." I paused to let that sink in but I needed a stronger answer, "So, you're SURE it's not cancer?" Being an oncologist might make it very difficult to be certain of anything, but he gave me the best reassurance he could, "Look, no test is one-hundred percent, but there is nothing I'm seeing that leads me to believe there are any signs of cancer here." Ok, I'll take that. "So what do we do now?" I asked. "You'll treat with pain medication and rest from physical activity and we'll repeat the MRI in two to three months unless something changes. But in the meantime, get that surrogate up here and have a baby!"

So that's what we're gonna do! 

On July 10th Lily and Jason will fly to New Jersey from Minnesota. On July 11th the four of us will spend about six hours at the fertility clinic for tests and discussions and plans. On July 12th they'll fly back to Minnesota and we'll wait for the final approvals. Once that's all done, Lily can begin the medication to prepare her oven for our bun(s)! I may not have too much to say in the next few weeks, but I promise to post updates anytime there's news to share. 

I will leave you with the words posted on my Facebook page by my lovely friend, Jessica... 

"And now back to our regularly scheduled program!"

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