Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby A's Daddy Needs You!

When I was writing my first blog, the one I kept while I was going through cancer treatments, I spoke about my husband, Jimmi, a lot. Of course, when the blog started, he was still my fiancé and I wasn't sure we'd even make it down the aisle, as I was so sick from the chemo and radiation I could barely walk. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't thrilled about being a bald bride. But, with a little luck and a lot of drugs, we did get married as planned, wig and all!

During the six months of treatments I consistently wrote about Jimmi's support and strength through it all. Let's face it, not many 30 year-olds expect that they'll be dealing with a spouse with cancer four months before their wedding. But Jimmi stuck by me every step of the way. The egg retrieval, the hysterectomy, the loss of my fertility, the temporary catheter, the chemo, the hair loss, the nausea, the radiation, the diarrhea, the crying, the pain. All of it.

Now I need everyone to help me support Jimmi.

If you didn't already know, Jimmi is trying to make a living as a professional drummer. He's been on so many roller coaster rides attempting to reach his goal but each time, as soon as he gets a taste of the top, it seems he's shot right back down to the starting line. Recently, Jimmi found out about a contest called Be My Band. An amazing guitarist named Orianthi, who has played for Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood and Alice Cooper, as well as having a solo career of her own, is looking for one guitarist, one bass player, one keyboard player and one drummer to "Be Her Band" for one night at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. The event will be televised and it will be major exposure for the winners. The biggest problem is that the first phase of the contest, happening now through February 1st, is based solely on votes. Up to ten semi-finalists for each instrument will move on to the finals, but they are not totally chosen based on talent or skill. This part is based on how many people you can get to vote for you or, more simply, how many friends you have on Facebook who will vote and share and get their friends to vote and share.

That's where you come in!

I hate to use my blog to beg but I think Jimmi deserves this shot. Don't you? 

Please help Baby A's daddy!

Click or copy and paste the link below to vote for Jimmi. I believe you can vote once per day (ONLY UNTIL FEBRUARY 1ST) on each of your devices (phone, iPad, computer) through Facebook and/or Twitter. Please vote daily and SHARE the link with your friends so they can vote, too.


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