Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Royal Nursery

Her Highness, Princess Aria's nursery is finally fully decorated!

After months of planning and painting and ordering and organizing and hanging and returning and reordering and assembling and cursing and praising, her room is complete.

And it is BEAUTIFUL!

Don't worry! There will be photos accompanying descriptions of the adorable abode. 

Let's begin with the walls:


The base color of the room is a perfectly pleasant pink, with one wall boasting a series of stripes in shades of shimmery pearl and gray. Hung carefully between the center stripe are the letters A R I A, which I painted pink and sprinkled with glitter. The pearly accents continue throughout the room with butterflies scattered around the area. Three hand-painted, full-colored and crystal-embellished butterflies are placed in various locations to add a precious pop! A pink to gray ombrè dons the crib wall and a large branch with green-toned leaves and pink cherry blossoms sprawls across it. On the branch is a sparkly songbird singing crystal-covered music notes from her bright beak.

Almost hidden on the wall, to the left of the crib, are two glittered hearts with crystal angel wings, representing Baby B and Baby C, Aria's sisters, who were lost in the 8th week of pregnancy. She will always know they are watching over her, protecting her.

As seen in some of the photos above, the furniture in Aria's chamber is a rich, coffee-colored wood from Bellini. The armoire and dresser, with attached changing table, are the same ones I used with Dylan in 2000, then Justin in 2003. Of course the changing pad and pink velour cover have only just been opened. Because of new laws regarding crib safety, the crib is a recent purchase. The crib skirt is a gray and white damask with pink peek-a-boo fabric. There is a matching blanket which serves no other purpose than to hang over the end of the crib and look pretty, since blankets and babies are a no-no! The white bumper with pink piping and bows adds a sweet and simple touch to the bedding set, but it will also be removed once the baby is old enough to roll into it, causing possible suffocation. It's seriously amazing anyone born before 2000 is alive today with all of these new rules we never had to follow! 

Her sheets will alternate between white with grey medallions, white with pink medallions and solid pink, and a pink sheet protector will be placed under the baby's head to catch drool and other leaking fluids.

The plush, gray glider is also a new addition, as the one I used with the boys was pretty gross after years of milk spills and vomit stains. The chair, with its matching ottoman, sits to the right of the crib, next to a small, brushed nickel table with a round, glossy white top. Perched atop the table is a brushed nickel lamp with a pink shade with floral cutouts. 

There is one large window on Aria's wall that is graced with four panels of antique white, bunched curtains, tied tightly with pink ribbons. White and pink-striped finials cap the ends of the curtain rod to complete the look.

A gray and white damask rug spreads over the hardwood floor, keeping the area cozy and cushioned for tiny feet. 

Aria's closet is already full of miniature couture that spans across the bars and over to the shelves. Generous gifts and immaculate hand-me-downs are responsible for most of it. Anything I've purchased myself still has tags and is off to the corner with the receipts still in the bags wrapped around them. 

The chandelier is a focal point when entering the bedroom. I need to credit my friend, Charity, who found it for her little princess on and allowed me to copy her taste. It was a pain in the royal ass to put together, but the crystal swirls and dripping beads complete the feel of the room perfectly.

Lastly, we'll move on to the royal…ummm…throne room. A crystal-beaded vanity light brightens the pink walls and shows off the shimmering, leafy vines that surround you as you stand on the white rug with its purple and pink border. Matching white, purple and pink towels with butterflies and flowers hang neatly below another hand-painted and crystal-adorned butterfly, while two others fly freely in various locations. The white, ruffled shower curtain is hung with clear flowers and the matching window valance is accented by that same white and pink-striped finials as the ones in the bedroom. 

Aria's room is absolutely stunning. I must send out a huge thank you to our brilliant artist and designer, Sam Simon of Sam Simon Projects. His incredible skills and attention to detail brought just the right amount of bling and glam into our lives and the finished product is more amazing than I'd ever dreamed it could be.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I so enjoy your blog posts and wish you all much happiness. Many prayers for a quick and pain free delivery of the bun from her oven! <3